Mark Your Calendars!

  1. Thursday, October 10: Training Kickoff! Meet your classmates!
  2. Monday, October 14: Chapter 1
  3. Wednesday, October 16: Chapter 2
  4. Thursday, October 17: Chapter 3
  5. Saturday, October 19: Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6
  6. Monday, October 21: Court observation day.
  7. Wednesday, October 23: Chapter 7
  8. Thursday, October 24: Chapter 8
  9. Monday, November 04: Make up court observation day.
  10. Saturday,November 09: Make up training day.

CASA 101 Notes for New Volunteers

A CASA is a Volunteer Advocate, who is at least 21 years of age, has completed the application and screening process, and completed all training and court observations required by the National CASA and Kentucky CASA guidelines through CASA of Nelson County.

The Volunteer is then sworn in before the District Court Judge Jack Kelley and takes an oath of confidentiality. The CASA Volunteer is supervised by CASA of Nelson County and assigned cases of children have an open case in the Nelson District Court.

A CASA Volunteer is one who respects a child’s inherent right to grow up with dignity in a permanent, safe environment that meets that child’s needs. A CASA advocates for the child’s best interests in the Court during the period of the case assignment and is considered the eyes and ears of the court.

All CASA applicants must pass a background screening process and complete 32 hours of preservice training which includes 30 hours of classroom training and 2 hours of courtroom observations. All CASA Volunteers must complete 12 hours of continuing education hours offered by CASA of Nelson County in various ways each calendar year to remain active.

The impact of a CASA in a child’s journey through the court system is immeasurable in relation to the emotional security and physical support the consistency of a CASA provides the child.

In fact, the impact of a CASA on the outcome of child abuse cases is seen in several ways; cases with a CASA are typically resolved quicker and are more likely to have a shorter stay in our court system. They are less likely to returned to court once the case closes. And usually our children find permanent, safe placement quicker than without a CASA.

CASAs typically have one or two cases at a time, which allows them more time to advocate for the best interest of the children which benefits the Guardian ad Litem, and the CPS Case Workers. CASAs are just one part of a team working together for the good of the children from our community, and together we are changing the course of their lives.

Interested in CASA Training? Complete these Steps!

  1.  Reach out to us by email, phone, or through our website.
  2. We’ll contact you to set up a friendly CASA chat.
  3. We’ll provide you with CASA materials to review.
  4. Complete our CASA application.
  5. Sign up for training!

Contact us in the following ways:
Click on “Contact Us” under the Volunteer Tab
Or find us on Facebook under Nelcasa of Nelson County

Molly Edington

Molly Edington

Volunteer Coordinator


Meet Molly, our CASA Volunteer Coordinator! Molly provides professional staff support to CASA volunteers, ensuring that children involved with our CASA program receive sound advocacy and early permanency planning. She is responsible for volunteer supervision and coordination of cases. Molly will be leading our 2019 Fall CASA training for all new CASA volunteers!

If you have any questions about how to become a CASA Volunteer, completing CASA training, or would like to speak to Molly about your current application, she can be reach at the following email: Or by calling our office: 502.331.6325.